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Shards Original™

Shards Original™

Bringing Back Pleasure, One Bite At a Time

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Shards Power Ingredients

At Shards, we are unwaveringly committed to the quality and safety, of our products. Our confections are an alchemy of the finest aphrodisiacs, thoughtfully selected to appeal to all genders, blending both sumptuous flavour and functional excellence:

  • 40% Premium Cocoa: A luxurious energiser, offering an exquisite taste sensation.
  • Epimedium: A sophisticated enhancer of libido, initiating a refined state of arousal.
  • Maca Root: Meticulously chosen for its ability to stimulate circulation, elevating the sensory experience.
  • Red Ginseng: Expertly included to activate hormonal balance, enhancing performance with finesse.

Each ingredient in Shards is devoid of any illicit substances, chosen for their purity and potency. They are precisely dosed and undergo stringent quality control, ensuring that every piece of Shards you savor is a testament to our commitment to excellence, sourced from the most trusted suppliers.

How To Use

In the unlikely event that you're reading this instead of already enjoying Shards, here's the instructions

If curiosity "Intrusive Thoughts" got the better of you, here's a nudge in the right direction - enjoy Shards with your partner at least 30 minutes before you plan to turn the heat up (yes we are not getting sticky with the details). Timing is everything for the most 'shard-tacular' experience!

Shipping & Returns

All your Shards delights come with the promise of discreet and temperature-perfect delivery, zipping through to you with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY. It's like a secret mission, but with chocolate!

And here's the cherry on top:


If Shards and you don't quite click, we've made refunds and returns as easy as pie. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Need to chat? Drop us a line at We're all ears (and chocolate)!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're on a mission to spread happiness, one naughty pleasure seeker at a time.

If you find yourself not grinning ear to ear after 30 days of indulging in Shards, let us know. We're committed to setting things right because your joy is our ultimate goal.

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"I wasn't sure at first, but have no regrets buying it! Every single time we use these bedroom action is on fire."

Chelsea, Customer

  • The Time Of Your Life 😎

    You're about to embarking on an adventure that awakens your senses and transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

  • We Always Pull Out ⛑️

    Our rigorous quality control. Which guarantees that Shards not only delights your senses but also meets the strictest health standards.

  • We're Not Happy Till You Are 🫡

    We never ask to be judged on our happy customers, yet we ask you to judge us on our unhappy customers because we have so few.